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Questions & Answers




All bookings are requested to checkin at least 24hours before departure to reconfirm the tour, pickup address or passenger details. If customers are unreachable or not checkedin by departure day the booking wil be cancelled as no-show and cancellation terms will apply.

 Can I change my booking ?

Yes, but any changes to a booking is subject to the booking terms linked to the specific product. 

– Free cancellation is possible if change or cancellation is made at least 14 days before the booking start date, or if you buy our Refund Protector Cover in time.

– If you wish to change to an alternate date or want to change to a different tour package it may be subject to cancellation or change fees, availability and possible upgrade or price difference fees involved.

– All date-change or cancellation requests must be sent to your booking agent directly. If a booking was made through a travel agent, you must contact the booking agent to action the change or cancellation. Booking changes are allowed if requested before the specific tour's full payment deadline is reached.


What are the change or cancellation fees ?

Once you or Hotspots2c accepts a booking by confirmation thereof – a contract is made between Hotspots2c, you and/or your agent upon the terms & conditions linked to it.

- Refund values are calculated in our local ZAR (South African Rand) currency. Transaction values in your own currency could be affected due to bank fees and daily currency exchange fluctuations. Refunds are usually made back to the original source of payment method. - All transfer fees and forex conversion costs charged by banks during the refund process will be deducted and billed to the customer.

Changes to bookings may result in cancellation fees, subject to the notice period prior to start date - see cancellation fees below:  

Standard Booking Terms

Join Group Tour Cancellation Terms 

A 10% deposit is required to reserve join group tour bookings. Full payment is due 14 days before departure. 

  • FREE Cancellation (full tour price refund) for at least 14 days notice
  • 50% fee (50% tour price refund) for 13 to 8 days notice
  • 100% fee (0% tour price refund) for no-shows or less than 7 days notice

Ask about our optional Refund Protector Cover to protect your payments up to 3 days before the start date. 


The following terms apply for bookings made prior to 11 Jan 2024:

Full payment at least 8 days before tour for bookings made prior to 11 Jan 2024

> 10% fee (90% tour price refund) for 13 to 7 day notice for bookings made prior to 11 Jan 2024 

50% fee (50% tour price refund) for 6 to 3 day notice for bookings made prior to 11 Jan 2024

100% fee (0% tour price refund) for no-shows, or less than 2 day notice for bookings made prior to 11 Jan 2024


*Free Cancellation / Refund Protection

Free cancellation is available on selected join group tours and only possible if change or cancellation is made at least 14 days before the booking start date, or if you buy our Refund Protector Cover upon checkout day. 

ask about Refund Protector quote 

Pay 10% extra of your scheduled join group tour fee for the extra peace of mind to override our standard join group tour cancellation policy and still can cancel more than 2 days before the tour start date for a full tour price refund.  This Refund Protection Cover fee is non-refundable and needs to be paid on the day of booking or at least a week (7 days) before departure.  A valid Refund Protector Cover policy on your join group tour will protect all deposits and fees already paid - to be refunded promptly within our refund timeline policy. 


Standard cancellation fee terms:

A cancellation fee will apply and are based on the total value of the booking to cover transaction costs and expenses incurred should you request to cancel and refund to your bank account, unless you are happy to keep the amount paid as a credit for future use with Hotspots2c.

It is highly recommended to have travel or deposit refund protection insurance to cover you should a tour or should you need to cancel or change a travel date due to any travel restrictions or any other reasons or constraints out of your or Hotspots2c’s control. 

Most tours are scheduled to depart subject to certain important factors needed to confirm the departure. In rare cases the tour date may nor be able to run due to reasons out of our control. Scheduled group trips require a minimum number of travellers to operate. If a tour is suspended because the minimum requirements aren’t met; a different date, similar experience or refund for the full amount can be offered. See more at:

Hotspots2c's standard booking terms only act as a guideline and each tour product, accommodation or activity has its own set of specific terms that will take effect.


Private , Custom or Closed Group  Tour Terms

This booking terms apply for custom or private bookings unless the tour or activity has unique terms listed and linked on its webpage.

A non-refundable deposit is required to reserve a private, custom or closed group tour. Full payment is due 31 days before departure.

  • 20% fee for cancel or change notice more than 30 days prior;
  • 50% fee for cancel or change notice from 21 to 29 days prior;
  • 100% fee for no-shows, cancel or change notice less than 20 days prior to the booked date.

Cancellation fees are calculated on the total value of the booking. 


Outsourced Accommodation & Activity Terms

A non-refundable deposit is required to reserve a private, custom or closed group tour. Full payment is due 31 days before departure.

  • 20% fee for cancel or change notice more than 30 days prior;
  • 50% fee for cancel or change notice from 21 to 29 days prior;
  • 100% fee for no-shows, cancel or change notice less than 20 days prior to the booked date.

Cancellation fees are calculated on the total value of the booking.


Micro Group Tour Terms

A deposit is required to reserve the booking. Full payment is due 31 days before depature. 

  • 20% fee for cancel or change notice more than 30 days prior;
  • 50% fee for cancel or change notice from 29 to 8 days prior;
  • 100% fee for no-shows, cancel or change notice less than 7 days prior to the booked date.

Cancellation fees are calculated on the total value of the booking.




Do bookings offer insurance ? 

No, you are responsible to have your own comprehensive personal, travel and medical travel insurance to cover you. 

– Hotspots2c does not provide personal travel insurance cover for passengers.
– Hotspots2c cannot be held liable for the loss or damage to passengers’ luggage, hand luggage or personal effects.
– Passengers should ensure that they are adequately insured, enquire from your insurer what exactly you are insured for in terms of adventure, high-risk activities and travel in Southern Africa

- It is highly recommended to have travel insurance to cover you should a tour or should you need to cancel due to any travel restrictions or any other reasons or constraints out of your or Hotspots2c’s control.

See more info on covid related cancellations on our SafeTravels COVID protocol page at > 

It is highly recommended to have travel insurance to cover you should a tour or should you need to cancel due to any travel restrictions or any other reasons or constraints out of your or Hotspots2c’s control.


What happens if a tour is suspended ?

Hotspots2c reserves the right to suspend bookings in accordance with the agreed operating requirements or circumstances beyond its control. Most tours are scheduled to depart subject to certain important factors needed to confirm the departure. In rare cases a tour date may not be able to run due to reasons out of our control.



Scheduled group tours and experiences require a minimum number of travellers to operate. Usually you’ll be notified about a week before a multi-day tour departure date if a tour may need to be suspended. Day tours can still be suspended up to 2 days before. It is difficult to know or predict the amount of travellers that may book in advance as most multi-day tours allow cancellations up to 5 work days before the tour. 

A refund or date change is possible if a tour is suspended because the minimum requirements aren’t met. The refund will be make to the original payment method. Transaction and currency conversion fees are charged to the recipient. 


If the change or cancellation is due to force majeure (including: political unrest, closure of airports, industrial disputes, fire, Communicable Disease pandemic or epidemic, including Covid-19 or any large scale health risk, Acts of God, adverse weather conditions or other similar events beyond Hotspots2c's control) it is important to have comprehensive travel insurance to cover your bookings if your trip may need to be cancelled.

Hotspots2c is also not responsible for the costs of any other travel arrangements affected due to suspented tours or rescheduling of departure dates.


Early Check-out

Can I leave a tour earlier than the last day ? 

– Guests are able to leave their original booking earlier than the scheduled end time or date of the tour or activity, but needs to inform Hotspots2c in writing either by emailing or sending a text message.
– Hotspots2c cannot be held liable for any costs or occurences after the customer has checked-out from tour or activity before the scheduled end time.

– Hotspots2c do not charge an early check-out/ early departure fee, but by checking-out earlier than the original scheduled end of the booking there is also no refund possible. Hotspots2c is also not liable to pay for transport or any services (even if already paid with the tour) if a guest decide to check-out early.




How can I check if a refund is possible ?  

- Refer to your booking terms to validate if refunds are possible on your specific booking.
- Refund values are calculated in our local ZAR (South African Rand) currency. Transaction values in your own currency could be affected due to bank fees and currency exchange fluctuations. Refunds are usually made back to the original source of payment method. This process can take from 7 working days up to 60 days, subject to refund method.

- All transfer fees and forex conversion costs charged by the banks during the refund process will be billed to the customer. 

- Date changes, partial refund or credit vouchers are only possible if Hotspots2c need to suspend a tour due to reasons outside our control; including weather, minimum customer requirements or travel restrictions. Refunds are done in South African rand and may fluctuate according to your bank fees and exchange rate. Subject to the daily excahnge rate you may receive more or lass funds back in your own currency. Credit vouchers are available if cancellations are received before the tour's payment deadlines are reached. Credit or Travel Vouchers cannot be exchanged for cash or refunds and valid to use again on the exact same tour booked on Hotspots2c's credit/gift vouchers can only be redeemed on Hotspots2c's website for Hotspots2c tour products. A credit voucher is the most cost-effective way to receive a refund as the value of the transaction remains in our base currency and there is no loss due to exchange rate conversion fluctuations or fees.

- Requests for refunds need to be formally logged by email to for a full investiagtion.


Small group tours 

Is there a maximum group size?

- Small group tours allow you to travel with likeminded young-at-heart travellers with a maximum group size of 25 travellers per minicoach, van or guide/driver. This smaller group size allow for a more in depth and intimate touring experience.

- Scheduled small group trips usually require a minimum number of travellers (4 to 6 people per departure date) to operate. If a tour is suspended because the minimum requirements aren’t met; a different date for a similar experience or refund for the full amount can be offered. See more at: 



Can I reserve a booking without payment ?

- A deposit is needed to reserve your space for any  online bookings.  To confirm a booking the full payment needs to be made within the payment deadline as per terms.
- Partial payments are accepted as instalments and reflected on your booking receipt, but your booking status will remain pending (partial paid) until full payment is received. Full payment is required to receive a confirmed booking voucher email. Most private or custom tours need full payment 31 days to 60 days before the tour - please check your tour's specific booking terms.


- By paying a deposit, you agree to accept the finalised version of your trip itinerary and agree to payment deadlines. A booking may be cancelled if not paid by the payment deadlines agreed upon. Full payment usualy lock in and secure the quoted rate payable. Additional fuel surcharge, taxes, levies imposed by government or a rate increase by third party supplier may cause the final payment rate to increase if full payment is not received.



How do I know the cost per person?

Tour package rates are listed per person. For your convenience, you can click the "book now" or "see dates + rates" buttons to view available tour dates. Please select the correct date and enter the amount of travellers to see the best available rate. You can also email us should you wish to receive a quote: We'd need the tour name, your preferred dates and accommodation stay package (if it's an overnight tour), and the amount of travellers.

We can quote net rates (minus a referral fee or possible commission) to approved resellers or travel agents. Apply online at Once approved, you’ll receive your sales agreement.


Stay packages

Is accommodation included ?

Multi-day tour packages do usually include accommodation if listed under the included list. We have specific pre-approved accommodation suppliers we prefer to use, as listed on our packages under the Stay Packages section. According to availability at time of booking confirmation, accommodation will be in the mentioned options or in one of a similar standard and star rating.

The difference between Dorm/ Saver Backpacker or Comfort and Luxe guesthouse packages are based on the location, style and facilities of each property.

Dorm / Saver Backpacker

Dorm and Saver accommodation packages mostly stay at lively atmosphere backpacker hostels with shared bathrooms, and a basic breakfast included in the tour price.

Dorm package offer shared rooms, sharing with others in the backpackers and Saver packages offer a private room.

Bed linen provided. Bath towels are not always included for backpacker accommodation but can be rented at the hostel, subject to availability. Do remember to pack your own beach or swimming towel too.


3 star or 4 star Stay   

The difference between 3 star Comfort and 4 star Luxe packages are based on the location, style and facilities of each property.

Guesthouse accommodation packages stay at cosy guesthouses or lodges - as per itinerary. These luxury accommodation packages usually are situated away from the backpacker's accommodation with an ensuite or private bathroom. Linen and bath towels to use during your stay are provided at guesthouses and lodge accommodation.



Is there different room options?

Dorm shared  

 DORM room package offers single occupancy bunk beds for solo or group of travellers to book. You'll share with up to about 12 people in a mixed all gender (male, female and other) group room with shared bathroom facilities.  A minimum age of 18 years is required to stay in a dorm room.



Backpacker (Dorm or  Saver), 3 star (Comfort) and 4+ star (Luxury or Superior) stay packages include private rooms - usually for a maximum of two persons per room.

Pairs or couples will stay in a double room or if your group that book together has an uneven amount of tavellers; the extra person will be in a single room.

 DOUBLE room package offers 1 double bed in a private room. It is possible to ask for a TWIN room package if you prefer seperate beds in a private room. 

SINGLE room package offers 1 bed for 1 person in a private room. 


Some private tours can offer private family rooms on request, where your group or family can share with a combination of sleeper couch, sleeper roll-out bed or cot (subject to availability at accommodation provider).





Is visa application support available? 


– A Visa support document can be supplied upon deposit payment of your tour. This supporting document will show the deposit paid booking invoice and a breakdown of the general accommodation names booked during your tour. You can find the accommodation address and contact details online to complete your own personal visa application forms.

Hotspots2c is a tour operator and do not offer visa advise or application service assistance - whether you need a visa or not depends on your nationality and where you wish to travel to. Assuming your home country does not have a visa agreement with the country you're planning to visit, you will need to apply for a visa in advance of your scheduled departure. Do contact your local travel agent or an local visa application service for advice on requirements to enter the country you plan to visit.

Do I need a vaccination ?

It is your responsibility to have a valid passport and all visas, permits and certificates required for your selected booking as well as any necessary vaccinations to comply with all applicable laws to enter each country visited. Contact your health or visa agent for advice on your specific needs to visit the countries or desitations you'll visit.


Tipping is in no way compulsory, but also an important part of the culture in the South African service industry and a great way to reward excellent service.

– Tour Guides / Drivers: Tipping is in no way compulsory. If you feel a guide did a great job during your trip it’s totally up to you to decide if and how much to tip. Hotspots2c’s professional tour guides do earn a competitive daily wage, but a guideline to follow is approx. R20 to R100 per person per day per guide - subject to the type of tour booked.


- Restaurants: Tipping is standard practice in South Africa to tip your waiter or waitress and barmen/women 10% to 20 % of the total bill. Most waiters and waitresses earn a minimum wage, but they do rely heavily on their tips to make a living. Some restaurants will automatically add a standard service charge of 10% to big groups, but check this with the manager. If a standard service charge is levied, it is up to the patron to decide whether or not to add to the tip depending on service. 


- Car Guards: Travelers can expect to find car guards just about anywhere you park. These guards will offer to watch your car and help you park in exchange for a tip of R2 and up. Do be aware however that the guards must wear a reflective vest (usually bright yellow or orange) to indicate that they are in fact employed by the city, and not just begging.




- Internet connection on tour: Wifi is generally available at most of the overnight accommodation location's common areas. The Wifi signal may not necessarily be available in the bedrooms, but common areas usually offer free internet at the overnight locations.

- If you require data or a local phone service, you can easily buy a local SIM card to avoid a high data-roaming bill by your mobile service provider. SIM cards are widely available from providers like Vodacom, MTN or other local phone networks and airtime / data packages are reasonably priced. Most of South Africa and especially the routes we travel on has reasonabily strong mobile 3G, 4G signal. This way you'll be 'online' almost all of the time during the tour if you need to be.


– Some activities and adventure tour packages require a certain level of fitness. Hotspots2c must be advised of any medical conditions or physical disability requiring special attention before you book. If you do not advise us at this stage, we may refuse to accept your booking, or cancel your trip upon arrival. We may also refuse you if we feel that the package chosen is not suitable without a suitably qualified (fare-paying) companion. Hotspots2c will not be responsible for the failure to provide these services. You agree and understand that you are obliged to notify Hotspots2c of any medical condition that might affect you during any activity while on tour with Hotspots2c so that special precautions can be taken beforehand.



– In spite of the fact that every effort is made to ensure your safety, you undertake tours and activities at your own risk.

– You hereby undertake to abide by the following terms and conditions of operations and indemnity. You understand that participating in the activities during a Hotspots2c tour is at your own risk. This means you will not be able to take any legal action against, and to indemnify, hold harmless and absolve Hotspots2c, it’s owner, managers, directors, guides and agents from claims and or liability in connection with loss or damage to property, injury or even death, arising from any cause whatsoever during an activity.
– In the event that you elect to participate in any activity while on tour with Hotspots2c, you hereby declare that you are fit and in good health, and that you will notify the different activity centers of any other health or physical disability you have, eg. pregnancy and spinal, back and hip injuries, osteoporosis and epilepsy. You are prepared to act responsibly at all times and participate in tour or adventure activities at your own risk.
– You also undertake to pay all the cost of medical rescue and or medical treatment and transportation and evacuation in case of an emergency.
– You agree to obey all the instructions given by Hotspots2c guides at all times.

- The client undertakes to keep the tourguide indemnified and to hold him harmless against all loss or damage (patrimonial as well as personal damages), sustained by the client from any cause whatsoever arising during the river trip and which was not caused through a direct or indirect intentional act from the tourguide.  The client acknowledges that he / she declared to the tourguide all allergies, medical illnesses or conditions, fears or phobias from which he / she suffers and which may require special medication, diet or treatment as described hereunder. 

– No dogs, animals or firearms are allowed on tour.
– Smoking and the use of alcohol and/or drugs on any Hotspots2c vehicle is prohibited and forbidden by law. Hotspots2c reserves the right not to transport any passenger who enters any Hotspots2c vehicle whilst intoxicated.



– Our 'JOIN A GROUP' small group tours are scheduled to depart on specific days. Once you’ve booked and paid, we'll do our absolute best to ensure your preferred departure date are scheduled to depart. View live availability online or feel free to contact us in advance to check for definite departures with confirmed bookings.
– We know that travel plans are often made long in advance and we do not wish to interrupt your travel schedule, but if a tour does not reach a minimum amount of passengers or during unsafe or harsh weather conditions we may need to suggest an alternative trip date. 
– In the rare occasions when you might be the only person booked for a specific departure date; you will be given the choice to either move to an alternative date for the same tour or be upgraded to a similar tour departing on the same day – at no extra cost to you.
– Regrettably, optional activities or excursions cannot be guaranteed as most are subject to third parties and weather conditions.



– You give full consent to Hotspots2c in regards to the use of any written, documented, video or photo content taken during the trip/tour to be used for marketing purposes, be it online, printed or verbal. You grant us a perpetual, royalty-free, worldwide, irrevocable license to use such content for Hotspots2c’s own publicity and promotional purposes.


– Children of 8+ years of age are allowed to join scheduled GROUP tour packages.

– Children under 18 years of age must be accompanied by a fare-paying adult or legal gaurdian and be booked in private rooms. Children under 18 years of age are not allowed to book in backpacker dorm rooms. 

- Children under 18 years of age are not allowed partake in some optional activities without the legal consent of their legal guardian or parent. 

- Children under 18 years of age are not allowed to consume alcohol.

- Minors under the age of 18 years need to have a parent or legal gaurdian complete the indemnity form online at:

– Families with small children or infants under 8 years of age can be booked on an exclusive ‘family-friendly’ PRIVATE tour package.

- Children 8 years and older will be charged adult rates.

- There are no set age limits on scheduled group tour packages, the itiraries are designed to offer flexibility to all young-at-heart travellers. Some optional activities may have age limits or require a specific fitness level.




– Only one discount per booking. Discounts only apply to the STANDARD rate. Promo codes can only be redeemed against the standard Join GROUP TOUR PACKAGE prices.
– Discounts are only available on JOIN GROUP TOUR packages, and not applicable to upgrades, options, or PRIVATE- and SELF DRIVE packages.
– GROUP DISCOUNTS need to be booked at the same time, for the same tour option/package and can only be paid in one transaction.


Hotspots2c plants trees with Greenpop every month to reduce our carbon footprint. You can also sponsor a tree to be planted on your behalf with our friends at and be part of urban greening, environmental education and reforestation projects within Southern African communities. Ask us about the option to add a tree to your booking.



– Photos and content on this website belong to the original creator, blogger and photographer(s). Hotspots2c do not own or imply that they own creator's original works.

– E-mail addresses or contact information will not be sold, rented or leased to 3rd parties. E-mails may be sent to inform you of news of our services or offers by us or our affiliates.
– Log files are stored on the web server saving details such as the visitor’s IP address, browser type, referring page and time of visit.
– Personal information entered during booking process can be used to enhance the visitor’s experience when using the website to display personalised content and possibly advertising.
– Cookies may be used to remember visitor preferences when interacting with the website. Where registration is required, the visitor’s email and a username will be stored on the server. If you have subscribed to one of our services, you may unsubscribe by following the instructions which are included in any e-mails that you receive. You may be able to block cookies via your browser settings but this may prevent you from access to certain features of the website.
Cookies are small digital signature files that are stored by your web browser that allow your preferences to be recorded when visiting the website. Also, they may be used to track your return visits to the website. 3rd party advertising companies may also use cookies for tracking purposes.
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CAPE TOWN RAINS – You’re welcome to visit Cape Town during a low rains season or drought.

For water-related information, view
Hotspots2c tours will run as normal and guests will have adequate water for essential daily needs. Our suppliers have sound contingency plans in place and all tourism activities, hotels, restaurants, emergency services, and more will be fully operational. In short, your Hotspots2c tour will still be as epic as always and our beautiful city is eagerly awaiting your arrival


Payment options


Hotspots2c accepts most payment cards for payments. Your bank may charge foreign transaction fees if you pay in a differenct currency as your bank account.


All online transactions are protected by the integrated payment gateway’s robust firewall with SSL encryption including fraud detection. If your card is registered for 3D Secure you may be redirected to a pop-up window during the online sale, requesting you to enter a One Time Pin (OTP) to authenticate the payment.  



Invoices and bookings are priced in South African Rand currency. Our integrated Flywire payment processor offers the option to pay in your own currency by card or mobile wallet (eg. paypal) or you can request us for bank payment instructions too. The country of your card/bank account will determine the payment options you'll have available.

24/7 Flywire assistance is available in many langauges for payment queries or concerns with your online payment process.







> What should I pack for an adventure tour? 


Packing tips 

 Layered clothing:

South African weather can be unpredictable. We advise that you always wear layers, depending on the time of year, time of day - the overall cloud cover, wind and rain can make the temperature drop suddenly.

Essentially you can just wear what you want to wear, it is no big deal at all, but in general neutral coloured clothes help to blend in the background making it easier for animals to come closer when on safari. We suggest khaki or jean pants, vests or t-shirts and a long-sleeve button-up shirt to cover up in the hot sun but also to also keep warm for early morning and late evening colder air. A warm, rain-resistant jacket is also a good idea.  Also pack a swimming towel if you have the option to swim.


  Walking Shoes & Swim Towel

Often your South African trip can include bush walks or hikes where you will walk with a guide looking for smaller animals on foot or learning about endemic plants and insects.Pack closed, comfortable shoes to ensure you can enjoy this activity. Open toe shoes or sandals are great for in-between or hot weather.

South Africa = sunshine... especially in summer. Remember your swimming costume and swimming towel too - if there is an opportunity to swim somewhere along your tour. But whether you swim or not,  sunscreen lotion (at least 30 SPF) is essential to wear outside in summer, even on cloudy days.

This is Africa... if you travel along rivers or dams, mosquitoes and other bugs may bother you. Insect repellent will help keep them away. If you are travelling to Kruger or any other Malaria zone please do check with your doctor for the best precautions to take. The Garden Route, Klein Karoo and Cape Town regions are Malaria-free zones.

Google (Android 11)


Obviously :) You can take photos left right and centre while on tour or safari, but also put away your digital devices once in a while to really absorb and live that moment.

The guides will try to get as close to the action as possible without disturbing nature. But if you are an avid photographer and or want to view the animals really up close, remember to bring binoculars or zoom lenses. And also don't forget to pack your backup batteies and chargers.




> Is there a limit to luggage size and is it kept safely ? 

Luggage & Storage on tours

– Each fare-paying passenger is permitted to take two luggage items (suitcase or backpack) free of charge and at your own risk. If you have extra luggage or it exceeds about 20 kilograms, please do contact us in advance to add a note of this on your booking.

– Pack light for day or weekend trips.
– Bring a warm jacket for cold evenings or open vehicle 4×4 game drives.
– Insect-repellent & sunscreen lotion is advisable.
– Comfortable walking shoes for hikes are necessary.
– Bath towels are available at most accommodation providers, ask your guide on the tour.

Optional activities & meals on tours


Do I need to book optionals in advance?

–Tour optional activities are offered and scheduled as part of each tour’s free-time to personalise your trip.

Optional activities are not compulsory, but they can turn a great trip into an unforgettable one.

If you decide to skip an optional activity you can usually explore the nearby area. Subject to the tour's itinerary and time of scheduled optional activities listed, you'll sometimes have more time at your accommodation and get collected earlier or later so the others that opt in for the optional activity do the activity. This means you'll not have to sit around and wait for others to complete optional activities. 

– Tour optional activities are not included and charged additionally. Optionals scheduled during pre-planned tours can only be booked and paid in-destination in local currency during the tour itself.

- Payment for optionals can be made by credit/debit card on tour or your guide can take you to the nearest ATM to draw cash on tour. Do not take large sums of cash on tour.

– Tour optional activity time slots are already pre-booked for the entire tour group on pre-planned scheduled tours, but you can decide on the first day of the tour if you'd like to partake in optional activities. Your tour guide shall ask you if you are interested in joining optional activities on the first day of the tour. 

– Optional activities (and it's aproximate listed rates) cannot be guaranteed as most of them are subject to weather conditions or third party factirs outside Hotspots2c's control.



Can I buy meals on tour ?

– Some meals and drinks are not included on most tours; giving travellers the ideal opportunity to experience typical South African cuisine at local eating spots. Do check your tour's specific included and excluded section to verify the included meals for your tour package. You'll have free time scheduled daily to buy and enjoy meals.

– Breakfast is mostly at the accommodation's breakfast room/restaurant in the morning. Bed & Breakfast multi-day packages include breakfast for each overnight stay. 

– Lunch will be en-route with limited time & limited options to choose from. Budget about R60 to R120 per lunch (subject to your selection). 

– Dinner time during multi-day tours is scheduled in free-time after each day’s tour schedule. You can dine out in town at leisure; or book to join group meals with your guide that day. Budget from ±R150 to R200 per evening's dinner (subject to your selection).

The dinner options that are available that day will be bookable on the tour and usually served at Backpackers’ own kitchens on site. Your guide can also recommend the best local restaurants, or most backpackers even have communal kitchens to prepare your own food - should you wish to buy the ingredients on tour to prepare your own meals.

Guides can help arrange bookings and dinner-transfers (at your expense) to other restaurants in the town if that is a preference. Most small towns do not have ubers but the guesthouses and restaurants have a good relationship with local transport providers.

A vegetarian food option can be ordered on request and you can advise us in advance of any food allergies.

Regrettably other dietary requirements - including lactose intolerant, vegan, gluten-free, halal cannot specifically be offered on group tours and it is best to plan ahead and budget accordingly to bring or buy your own meal replacements. Your guide can help you find alternatives, where possible during the journey.

Payment for meals can be made by credit/debit card on tour or your guide can take you to the nearest ATM to draw cash on tour. Do not take large sums of cash on tour.


Is hotel pickup service available ?

Pickup or drop-off address

If pickup / drop off services are included, there is usually no central meeting point for scheduled join a group tours. If the pickup transfer service is included in your tour package, you can be collected from your Cape Town central or Stellenbosch accommodation.

Any street address location within a 10-km radius of Cape Town city center and from Stellenbosch centre is usually included for scheduled small group Cape region tours.  See your tour's included section for more info about pickup locations.

The included pickup transfer service before the tour will return you back to your original pickup address after the tour, unless you inform us otherwise.


Is there a set pickup time or location ?


Pickup time info 

– Usually there is not a specific pickup address. Pick up times for scheduled small group tours are therefor only given atbout a day before the tour departs, as our team first needs the full list of travellers and their different pickup addresses to calculate the pickup route and time for each person.  

- By standard the pickup times for scheduled small group tour packages are early morning - ranging between about 6am and 8am. You'll receive a more exact pickup time for your pickup address the afternoon before the tour depart.

- Please contact Hotspots2c for your pickup time (at least a day before the tour) if you haven't received your exact pickup information from by afternoon.

- Flights on the first or last day on scheduled group tours are not advised as the group cannot wait if flights are delayed. Please book accommodation before and after a trip to have a set pickup address. 

– The pickup transfer shuttle service will operate in a round-trip to collect all travellers; this means your pickup address may be first or later on the pickup list route. There is no central collection point for scheduled tours that include a pickup shuttle; each person on tour shall be collected from their preferred hotel or street address.

– Pickup times may vary by 30 minutes due to traffic or other factors out of our control. Passengers can contact us if the shuttle service is running more than half an hour behind schedule to check for updates.


Return drop off info 

As per specific itinerary guidelines; return times after most day tours can range from late afternoon +/- 6 to 7pm, and for multi-day group tours it usually vary from +/- 8pm to 9pm subject to traffic, weather or how long the group spend at stops during the day.

A different drop off address (than the pickup address) may be requested upon booking for our standard multi-day scheduled tours. The included transfer service allows for an address within 10 km from Cape Town city centre or Stellenbosch central.

Small group tours can't offer exact start or end times as it all is relative to each person in the group's pickup or drop-off addresses, season and possible road delays.

On multi-day tours the overnight accommodation is usually reached by late afternoon or early evening, subject to your tour's itinerary. 

Please do not make any scheduled arrangements (especially flights) for the first or last day of the tour, as traffic and weather can delay the approximate pick-up and drop-off times.

Hotspots2c makes all reasonable effort to keep to the tour’s scheduled timetable, but no liability whatsoever can be accepted for unplanned changes or late arrivals due to factors out of our control. 




– Tour itineraries are only listed as guidelines and are subject to change without notice. All highlights included in the tour price are scheduled and will be visited en-route but in no specific order.
– The exact itinerary can on occasion run in reverse or a different order.
– See the tour-specific details in regards to the distance travelled per day or duration of the multi-day tour. Days are usually full, with late arrivals at the accommodation each afternoon/early evening.


Money & Insurance:


Personal and comprehensive travel insurance is recommended and not included in this tour to protect you against unexpected trip cancellation, emergency medical assistance, lost or damaged items of value and travel delays. Keep valuables to a minimum, especially if you are going on safari or an adventure trip. Do take out travel and medical insurance and have the details handy on your phone or a printed hard copy.

Only travel with a copy of your Passport and ID or keep a copy on your phone. Unless you travel crossborder - then the hard copy of your passport is needed.

Carry a credit card/debit card. Do not carry too much cash.



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