be the change 


2Cchange is a non-profit organisation founded by of a group of travel professionals, who is determined to travel sustainably and consciously, bringing about positive change to the people and places visited during their trips.




Through our travel partners (and especially our founding company Hotspots2c - Africa Select Journeys) we create awareness whilst also inspiring travellers to have a meaningful experience while visiting South Africa.

Our mission is to immerse ourselves in local projects that support the communities visited on tour. By choosing to travel with us, you are actively helping us to contribute to sustainable travel upliftment projects, as a portion of their trip fees help fund these initiatives that 2Cchange support: 



our people

  We work together with local communities to ensure sustainable trips – supporting local where we go and donate to selected projects and schools.



our planet 


We take responsibility for the impact our operations have on the planet; supporting planting trees and indiginous fynbos to help offset our tours' carbon footprint. 


our wildlife 


We support and donate to endangered animal projects, raising awareness, educate and conserving our unique wildlife for future generations to admire. 


 Current projects include:




make a change


Help us support these projects by booking a tour with our partners or donate personally online.  100% of your donation goes towards the projects you choose.



Feel free to email us: