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2Cchange is a non-profit organisation born out of the hearts and minds of a group of travel professionals, who want to create hope, make a genuine difference and restore dignity to the people in the communities through which we travel. Nature and wildlife are also close to our hearts and all our tours are designed in a sustainable manner, to make sure that we preserve and protect for generations to come.

Through our founding company, Hotspots2c, we can create awareness whilst also inspiring travellers to have a meaningful experience in South Africa. We aim to immerse ourselves in local projects that make a positive and life-changing difference in the communities and areas through which we travel. By choosing to travel with Hotspots2c you are already making a positive difference as a portion of your trip fees help fund these initiatives:


Initiatives 2Cchange supports 



School meals + education tools

You can't teach a hungry child. We provide daily meals, educational tools and fundraise to pay underprivileged kids' school fees to a local crèche; Morkel Cottage and aim to also assist schools on our tour routes.  

 more info   




Plant trees + fynbos to offset carbon footprint

We encourage travellers to plant trees with Greenpop to help offset our tours' carbon footprint and contribute to their Fynbos For the Future Urban Greening projects. Green your South African trip by helping us donate to Greenpop's Trees4Travel and Fynbos for the future initiatives.

 more info 



Protect + feed rescued penguins 

We sponsored artificial homes that act as nests on Dyer Island to protect our flipper friends, the endangered African penguin, during the breeding season. You can also help contribute by sponsoring a rescued penguin's meal during their recovery stay at African Penguin & Seabird Sanctuary. 

 more info 




Be the change 

Make an even bigger difference and pay an additional contribution to our fundraising projects. 100% of your contribution will go towards the project's campaign.   





Just as you can't teach a hungry child, children also can’t learn if they don't have the right tools for school. This 2cChange project aims to supply underprivileged kids in our local community and on our travel routes with the right tools and support to be able to succeed at school. We supply basic stationery, educational aids and more to make it easy to complete schoolwork, grow their young minds and give them the opportunity to earn gold stars in schoolwork.

We love seeing the change in kids as they colour their world and end their education journey with a '...and they live happily ever after’. You can join us in impacting the next generation by donating towards the Tools 4 School fund or ask us about it during the tour booking process.

As part of our Tools4School Campaign, we also provide daily meals, maintenance, educational or any other tools they require to function to a local crèche; Morkel Cottage. 




Help us support the Trees4Travel and Fynbos4TheFuture initiate and get an indigenous tree or fynbos plant planted by our friends at to reduce your carbon footprint on tour.

Join the #treevolution and sponsor a tree to be planted as part of Greenpop's urban greening, environmental education and reforestation projects within Southern Africa communities. 

Thanks for considering to GREEN your travel with hotspots2c and by adding this to your booking our friends at will plant an indigenous fynbos plant or tree on your behalf to reduce more of your holiday's carbon footprint. Find out more about Greenpop's Trees4Travel & Fynbos For The Future Urban Greening projects here.




Our friends at Dyer Island Conservation Trust aim is to conserve and monitor ocean life, especially focussing on the endangered African penguin population. We just love our flippered friends and it's always an absolute hit for our travellers to visit the penguins too!

Recently, the African penguin population has dropped dramatically... and if humans don’t make any changes in the way we live they'll be exticts soon! This harsh reality must inspire us all to take action and keep this beautiful species alive for future generations to see and enjoy.

One of the main threats is the catastrophic effect of single-use plastic pollution; fish, seabirds and marine mammals can easily become entangled or ingest plastic debris, causing suffocation and starvation. This is also usually why penguins end up at the African Penguin & Seabird Sanctuary.  The team then focus on nurturing them back to health before setting them free again. Your donation contributes to APSS's "penguin food fund" and sponsor a rescued penguin's meal for a day during their recovery. 


In some parts of our country, it takes children hours of walking to get to school. Help us sponsor bikes to ensure these learners can build a brighter future for themselves.  Our fundraising campaign has now closed and together we reached the goal. The bikes bought will be delivered to the families and change their lives considerably.